Bus Hire in Chester

Bus Hire in ChesterA bus hire in Chester is often the solution to wedding logistics. The special location you’ve selected for your wedding ceremony may not have sufficient parking to accommodate the guests. At home and outdoor weddings especially find guest parking in short supply. There may be a scenic place at the bride’s home where she’s always dreamed of getting married. There’s an acre of lovely garden space but the parking will be used by caterers, musicians and such. A2B Travel Coaches has the solution. We would secure guest parking as nearby as possible. We need permission from a nearby school, church or business that is closed for the day. You instruct guests to park there and our buses will shuttle guests to and from your home.

Before the wedding call A2B Travel Coaches for the stag party for the groom and the hen party for the bride. The safest way to party all night in Chester; bus hire. It’s more fun as well because traveling to and from your destination as a group relieves driving concerns. Hit several night spots. If the wedding party is staying in a hotel, our coaches can shuttle all of them to the wedding venue on time and after to the reception location. Your family members flying in from out of town might enjoy the comfort of one of our coaches for transportation to and from the airport. Our mini-coaches seating eight, twelve or sixteen would be ideal. Our larger coaches seat from eighteen to thirty-seven passengers.

Choose A2B Travel Coaches for your bus hire in for your night on the town. Our fleet of vehicles offer comfortable and attractive interiors that are clean. The buses are highly maintained on a schedule for safety and reliability. All of our drivers have passed a background check and they have commendable driving records. You can count on them being friendly and helpful as well. Contact  A2B Travel Coaches for the solution to your travel logistics. Tell us what you need and we will come up with a workable plan. Once the pressure is off you can relax and enjoy your party.