Enquiry for Minibus Hire in Wallasey for a Night on the Town

minibus hire in WallaseyWe recently received an enquiry for minibus hire in Wallasey for a very special night out on the town. It seems that several friends were getting together to surprise one of their friends that would be getting married in a few weeks with a night out. They wanted to take them all out on the town for a great evening and did not want to have to worry about whether they could all fit in one vehicle or the headaches of having to take more than one vehicle to the several places that they planned to stop at that evening.

They wanted to accommodate 9 friends and be picked up in Wallasey. Minibus hire for the evening would then take them to a nice restaurant. By hiring us, they would not need to worry about who was watching the road, or finding a parking place or who would be the designated driver for the evening. They could all be included in all the planned festivities for the evening. After dinner they were going to take in a show at the local theatre and then when the evening really got going they were going to finish it off with a night cap.

They quickly found out that minibus hire in Wallasey with A2B Travel would accomplish everything they needed at a very affordable rate. Going out on the town should be enjoyable for the whole party; one or two people should not have to miss out on the fun because they are the ones driving, and nobody would have to try to find a cab in the middle of the night. So if you want all of your friends to enjoy the festivities for the evening give us a call, we will give you a free quote for your special night on the town. Find out more on our website.