Minibus Hire in Irby for you Big Day

minibus hire in IrbyPlanning a wedding is a stressful time in anyone’s life, especially when it entails finding a reliable minibus hire. In Irby, at least this is not a challenge! Most people require minibuses to transport the bridal party from the home to the church or marriage ceremony. Sometimes the groom’s party may require a minibus service to transport them from to the wedding ceremony to the reception party. Today, many people opt for weddings in the country which requires a minibus service that can transport large groups of people to and from the venue. In any case, a minibus service is essential to the successful outcome of your wedding.

A couple in Irby, who were planning their wedding, were looking for a reliable minibus hire service to transport their wedding party from the marriage ceremony to the reception hall. After contacting several minibus service providers, a close friend referred them to A2B Travel. The couple first browsed the company’s website and then proceeded to complete an enquiry form under the “Contact Us” section. The couple required a minibus service for at least eight hours that could transport around thirty people, with a professional yet friendly driver. After submitting their enquiry, they were contacted by a customer service agent who was able to answer their queries. The couple was pleased with what they learned and proceeded to book A2B Travel’s minibus service for their big day.

When you choose A2B Travel, you are choosing reliable minibus hire in Irby. For over twenty five years, A2B Travel has been providing minibus services that have been surpassed by no other service provider. Their fleet of minibuses can accommodate groups of all sizes and requirements. All of their minibuses are equipped with seat belts, and operated by professional and friendly drivers. For more information about A2B Travel’s minibus service or any other service, please contact them directly at 0151 609 0600. Find out more on the website.