School Coach Hire in New Brighton

School Coach Hire in New BrightonSometimes it is just easier to choose school coach hire in New Brighton. A2B Travel has seen situations similar to the call we received from a frustrated teacher. As a teacher at a school in another community, she wanted to take the students on a field trip to New Brighton to enjoy and critique an afternoon performance of a play. In many of these situations, school transportation can become unavailable due to scheduling conflicts or lack of vehicles, resources or qualified drivers. Parents are often unwilling or unable to volunteer, especially for larger classes. We received a call at A2B Travel to check our prices and availability for the four hour round trip to New Brighton and back, and allowing 2 hours for the play. As so many schools often do, they chose A2B Travel after realising they could manage the reasonable price.

In New Brighton, school coach hire from A2B Travel has proven to be an excellent solution for school dances, sports teams, elementary school field trips, cheerleading competitions and even teacher outings. Parents feel their children are safe while being transported in our coaches. All of our coaches are maintained to the highest standards at all times. The coaches are clean and each seat has a safety belt. Those are two things a school bus can’t always boast about. Our drivers are uniformed, friendly and professional drivers. Our coaches are nicely upholstered inside with adequate heating and air conditioning. We are licensed and insured and our drivers have all been vetted. Students always feel traveling with A2B Travel is a special treat.

A2B Travel offers all sizes of mini buses and coaches for school coach hire in New Brighton. The various sizes include seating for 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 29 and 33 students and teachers. Often, schools hire us for just a one-day field trip outing. However, band, choral, debate and other competitions sometimes require several days. Whatever the size of your school group or the length of the trip, trust A2B Travel to provide safe and comfortable transport. We are a family run business established since 1985. Therefore, we are experienced in providing excellent customer service and safety. For more information about school coach hire, contact A2B Travel.