Minibus Hire in Birkenhead

Minibus Hire in BirkenheadMinibus hire in Birkenhead is your answer to the question; “why didn’t I buy a bigger car?” Really, how many times a year do you need to transport eight to 12 passengers? Probably not that often but when you do it’s so much more enjoyable if you hire one of our minibuses from A2B Travel Coaches. Transporting kids to sports outings or birthday party venues gives you the opportunity to supervise and chat with them while our driver gets you where you want to go. There is no herding the children from parking garage to venue and back again because our driver drops off and picks up at the door. We are fully insured. The whole trip is less worrisome for you because much of the liability has been transferred to us.

Girls or guys night out for a concert or clubbing is much more fun and safer when our driver is the designated driver, as your group arrives together and goes home together. In Birkenhead, minibus hire is the sensible solution for group outings for all age groups and venues. It’s how a group of friends hit the city for a day of shopping or senior citizens enjoy a ballgame or the theatre without walking miles of parking lots. Minibus hire is how you get the whole family and their luggage to and from the airport or the bridal party from the wedding to the reception. Our drivers are professional drivers that have undergone a thorough background check. Have fun and let our drivers worry about time, traffic and weather.

You can trust our minibus hire in Birkenhead to meet your expectations for clean, superbly maintained and comfortable coaches. Our personalised customer service over the last many years has solidified our reputation for reliability and fair pricing. Our customers keep coming back, time after to time and none of them regret not buying a bigger car. In fact, they’re glad they bought a small car because driving the whole gang isn’t something they even have to consider. They just call us a couple of times a year. Why don’t you do the same and contact A2B Travel Coaches next time you have more passengers than car seats. Enjoy yourself with everyone else and let us do the driving.