School Coach Travel in Chester

School Coach Travel in ChesterAre you looking for safe, comfortable and reliable school coach travel in Chester? At A2B Travel Coaches, we have many years’ experience in transporting children. Being a local business, we have strong ties in the community and we are the first choice of schools, colleges and higher education authorities across the Wirral when it comes to transportation. Our highly-trained, expert staff and drivers ensure that each and every pupil is kept safe and comfortable while travelling to and from their destinations. As a standard, all our seats are fitted with seat-belts while our drivers have been DBS checked and follow best practices in safe driving. Apart from regular school trips, you can also hire our coaches for school trips, excursions, picnics and field trips to museums, historical sites, and science fairs. Our coaches are also hired by university students for seminars across different campuses, sports events, and science meets.

We believe that students deserve top priority and that’s why we provide our best quality coaches for them. In Chester, school coach travel can be fun, if the right safety protocols are followed. When schools and educational institutions want to select the right transportation, they usually follow a standard process. They ask for quotes from different transportation companies, compare facilities and prices and then make their decision. We also recommend that you make a personal visit to the transport company and examine the vehicles so that you get a better idea. Remember that cheapest is not always the best. This is because transporting children and young adults can be quite risky and the safety aspect should never be neglected.

When you select a reputed operator for school coach travel in Chester, you’re fulfilling your legal obligation to your pupils. Once the students are on board, the driver has to be in complete charge. For more information about school coach travel, contact A2B Travel Coaches. Our fleet of school transportation vehicles is driven by our most experienced and skilful drivers. They insist that all passengers wear their seat-belts and don’t engage in disruptive activities that could endanger the lives of others. All our vehicles are well-maintained and kept in top condition at all times.